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The acs tunnel guidance system continuously measures and calculates the following values and displays them numerical and graphical in the acs System Software:

TBM Position

The TBM’s deviations, angle and position, relative to the alignment are displayed on the operator’s screen as well as roll, pitch and chainage.

Ring Position

Deviations of the ring regarding angles and position relative to the alignment are also calculated and displayed.

Correction Curve

The system calculates a correction curve which leads the TBM tangentially back on correct alignment. It is used to forecast the future TBM drive and for predicting the next optimal ring positions. For these calculations the tail gap is always taken into account.

Further Features and Functions

By using a motorized total station with laser a direction check, moving of the total station and further control functions are mostly automated and recorded. Tracking of the target unit is also possible.

The current position of the TBM the erected rings as well as the correction curve can be displayed in drawings as the plan view and the geological profile in real-time. Also the predicted future TBM drive is shown in the drawings.

All measured and calculated data is recorded for future documentation and post processing and can automatically be sent by email to defined recipients. This is possible due to a data communication from the TBM to the surface office. Using the acsViewer software the TBM position can also be displayed in real-time on office computers.

The acs System Software is multilingual. It is possible to switch between the languages during ongoing operation.